To position ourselves as the most reliable fashion retail online business. And in this process, enable all/ our shoppers to explore their interests through our products by bringing best in class fashionable choices to their door-step.


To build an online community that chooses a safe, healthy and fashionable lifestyle by bringing the best from around the globe to their home.


We are a team driven by the sole aim of creating an online community of loyal shoppers, and satisfying their fashion & safety needs through handcrafted three layered protective masks.


With an experience of over 50 years at hand in the garments industry, thefashionvogue.com has been established to fulfil the need for face masks that are not only safe but also aesthetically beautiful. With all the available resources in-hand, we decided to deliver 100% safe, high-quality masks and more.


What began as an experiment, has grown to become a retail service delivering over 1,000 products each day with fashionable choices across a wide range of spectrum. As a cherry on the cake, we’re coming up with more products for you!


We ship from Houston, USA to reduce the shipping times and bring the product in your hands in 3-5 business days from the day of order.

The manufacturing takes place in Rajasthan, India which brings in the diverse colors of its rich cultural heritage on to the premium cotton in the forms of beautiful designs. The masks are handcrafted by the selected set of highly skilled artisans in a special protective environment to take care of your safety.